Parliamentary Groups do not receive any money from Parliament or Government and therefore must find funding from outside sources if they require support. Supporters are declared on the Group’s register entry in line with Parliamentary Rules (there may be a delay before appearing).

Below are details of organisations or individuals that have provided the Parliamentary Snooker Group with support in the last year or that the Group supports.

If you are interested supporting the Group, please contact us.


The World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association Limited

The WPBSA is the governing body for both Snooker and Billiards worldwide. The WPBSA governs these sports through regulation and application of the rules of the association.

The objectives of the WPBSA include:

  • To promote, encourage and popularise the games of snooker and billiards generally and in particular for the benefit of the playing members.
  • To preserve the prestige and dignity of professional snooker and billiards.
  • To provide through Rules and Regulations for deciding and settling all differences that may arise between playing members in reference to due compliance with the Laws of the games of snooker and billiards or the Rules and Regulations of the Company.

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MR Sport

MR Sport delivers public affairs and policy services to sports bodies and organisations with an interest in sport.

It creates, manages and delivers sporting and sports-related events, and supports organisations commercially.

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